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From: Malaysia. Current Base In: Singapore


Wong Yeeheng started to paint from young age influenced by family. During school years, he often participating difference schools art activities, competitions & awarded with prizes as well. 

In his early career, he involved in visual artist to cinema’s billboard painter, outdoor landscape & model making artist and then become an full time interior designer till now.

Since 2010s, he began active and more serious relationship to Chinese ink paintings. His inspiration mostly come from the daily living life, multi races society, travelling and his experience in interior design industry. 

The chinese ink technic doesn’t constrain him doing traditional painting style, the uniqueness skills have bring-out his personal style in modernity, nature and imaginary art into one in his artworks. Viewers able to experimental the realistic and fantasy chinese ink art through his artworks! Especially the black & white (Solidity & emptiness) ink giving a lot of freedom and imagination without restriction of form & diversify to another level for him! 


Yeeheng ink paintings mostly  into Modernism, Abstraction and Imagination artworks.


He participated in various art exhibitions and competitions in local and oversea as;

: China Dalian First Chinese Painting Exhibition Triennial Show 2015 

-  The Inducted Collection Painting Award.

- Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Award Competitions 2018, 2019, 2022, 2023.

: 40th UOB Painting Of The Year 2021 (By UOB Bank Singapore)

- The Silver Award In Emerging Category 2021.

: 42th UOB Painting Of The Year 2023

- The Highly Commended Award in Established Category 2023.

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